Adult Classes

Fall 2018 Adult Dance Workshops Open For Registration                                                                          Kathak, Classical Blend and Bollywood/Bhangra

    • 11 Week Beginner Kathak Workshop with Minila begins September 11th
    • 5 Week Intermediate Bollywood/Bhangra & Classical-Blend Workshops with Ramita begin on September 12th and October 17th
    • 5 Week Advanced Bollywood/Classical Blend Workshop with Minila begins on October 16th
    • Spaces are limited and class sizes small so sign up today!


Kathak is a North Indian classical dance style that originated among nomadic storytellers and became codified in the Indian royal courts. The style features complicated footwork patterns, spins and graceful arm and hand movements, . Kathak classes will focus specifically on learning and mastering footwork, rhythm-counting, arm movements, spins and learning compositions called tukdas. This class is perfect for those who are brand new to Kathak or have a little experience and want to learn more.

Dance Workshop Style Descriptions

Our dance workshops offer a more in-depth experience of dance instruction. If you have attended our Drop In classes, these courses are a great next step. Classes focus on developing dance technique, include conditioning and cardio and each week work on choreography and facial expressions. Classes are challenging and fun and and allow an opportunity to learn in a small classes setting with personalized attention.

Classical Blend Workshops: These classes incorporate elements of classical Indian dance (specifically Kathak and Bharathanatyam) into semi-classical choreography that is mixed with Bollywood, Indian folk, or contemporary dance. Classes focus on emoting, hand gestures, and complex footwork.

Bollywood/Bhangra Courses: These classes feature upbeat Indian film music and choreography that is expressive and energetic. Classes focus on arm and leg coordination, expressions and lip-syncing, and body control. 

Levels: We offer classes at the Intermediate and Advanced levels. Advanced classes are for those students who have experience with dance and are comfortable with the style. If you have questions about which level to enroll in, please take a look at our videos below and email Minila at [email protected]

Videos from our Performance Intensive Series:


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