Happy Holi – Come celebrate & watch us on Sun March 31st!

We’re celebrating and Holi (and Easter and Passover) with color this year!  Ajna will be performing at Holi Hai NYC on Sunday March 31st.

Holi Hai NYC is a free festival celebrating color and the start of spring and is taking place at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St & 2nd Ave)!  The festival is free and everyone is invited to enjoy a variety of wonderful performances (including Ajna Dance!), festive food and vendors.  The festival begins around noon and Ajna will be performing later in the afternoon between 4-6pm.

We are excited to debut 2 never seen before pieces so we hope you can come and check us out. We’ve incorporated some beautiful contemporary choreography in one routine and some Bollywood masala in the other!

Here’s an article we came across that briefly explains what Holi is about and a few of the stories that accompany the festival.  The author also makes an important point about gender roles in India as it relates to Holi and the treatment of women in light of the recent and horrendous gang-rape and death of a woman in Delhi.

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