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Fall 2022 Classes in Park Slope

Ajna Dance Company is in the process of phasing out our private group dances classes.

Fall 2022 classes at Park Slope will be the last children’s class semester offered. While we have enjoyed the opportunity and experience that comes with teaching Bollywood dance to students of all ages, we are shifting our focus to our Department of Education Partnerships. As a company, our mission is to make South Asian culture and dance accessible to more children across the tri-state area. We are excited that our partnerships within the DOE have grown over the last 2 years allowing us to reach even more students through dance. If you have a contact at your student’s campus you’d like us to connect with to discuss bring Ajna Dance Company to your student’s school, please contact us at

Our children’s dance school was built to encourage a love of dance and instill a practice of dance technique, culture and expression. We have been teaching in across the tristate area since 2013. Our focus is on expanding knowledge of Indian dance technique, including movement, rhythm, grace, expression, and performance. Students develop body awareness, confidence, and discipline. Our accomplished and dedicated instructors led by our Director, Minila Shah work with students of all levels to help them develop and grow as dancers. Classes are both fun and challenging and are open to children of all ages, levels, and backgrounds.

  • Classes run on a semester schedule.
  • If our current schedule of classes is not feasible for you, we would love to talk to you about starting a new class. We generally need a minimum of 7-10 kids to start a class but please send us an email to

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