Children’s Bollywood/Bhangra class on Fri 3/6 – Park Slope, Brooklyn

We have a children’s Bollywood/Bhangra class beginning in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Friday March 6th from 4-5pm. It’s a 4 week session and there are a few open spots left.

Please email us for more details and if you’re interested in enrolling your child. The class is open for kids ages 4-7 and both boys and girls are welcome as it is a co-ed class.

We will teach the kids dance basics/steps as well as put together a choreography while explaining the lyrics and meaning of the song to them. They will share a short choreography with the parents at end of the last class.Please share with anyone that might be interested. We’re also continuing to add more classes in Manhattan and Brooklyn so get in touch if you are interested in learning more.

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